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Meet "Betsy"

This is Betsy, Little Shakers biggest fan and Vanessa's very special little helper.

We caught up with her one morning after class for a little chat to find out a little more about her....

Favourite colour

Yellow, because I like bananas

Favourite foods

Fish Fingers with lots of mushy peas.... And bananas!

Favourite songs

"Let's get busy with Betsy" & "Little Shakers Groove"

Favourite game

Playing peek-a-boo with all my friends in class

Favourite part of Little Shakers classes

Making lots of noise with musical instruments especially the new "Little Shakers shakers".

BUT her very favourite thing to do is giving a "High-Five" to all the other Little Shakers in class!!

Favourite thing to do between classes

I love to ride around in the "Betsy-Bus" waving at all my friends tooting their horns when they spot us.



Betsy Bus

with Betsy

and Vanessa


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