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#Stop Press 23-07-15

Just got a lovely review on Facebook for a last minute party Vanessa & Betsy were entertaining at earlier this week..... Thank you so much Christine it was a pleasure.

Facebook Review

#Stop Press 02-07-15

Betsy has been feeling HOT, HOT, HOT this week.... but don't worry Little Shakers, fortunately our air conditioned studios at both Ruislip & Ealing mean Vanessa, Betsy & all their friends stay cool as cucumbers during classes......

Betsy Cool

#Stop Press 20-05-15


Yesterday saw Betsy getting VERY busy as she not only had a lovely morning session at Grangewood School in Pinner followed by a fun circus themed play session at the "My Mum's Away" nursery at the Cavendish in Eascote. As you can see the children all had a lot of fun "clowning around" by dressing Betsy up in splendid style.

Betsy Wig Day

#Stop Press 27-04-15

Betsy on her way to Ruislip classes this morning, still buzzing about her trip away to Santa Pod in the "Betsy-Bus" over the weekend. She loved seeing all the other wonderful VeeDub busses & Beetles in all colours shapes & sizes.

Betsy Big Bang 01

#Stop Press 18-04-15

Happy Birthday Alysia

A lovely sunny day meant Betsy was invited to a garden party today. She went with Vanessa for Alysia's 3rd Birthday party which she celebrated on the 14th of April.... isn't summer time brilliant?

Alysia & Betsy

#Stop Press 16-04-15

Betsy was so excited to get back to classes this week at Ruislip... especially as she got to travel there by "Betsy-Bus". She's just as excited this morning as well for the first classes back at Ealing Little Shakers from 10am.....

Betsy In  The Betsy-Bus

#Stop Press 10-04-15

Holidays are almost over but Betsy certainly isn't too upset about it. She can't wait to see all her friends at Ruislip Little Shakers this Monday, 13th April from 10am (12-24 months) & 10-45am (2-4yrs). Classes at Ealing start again on Thursday 16th April at the same times..... see you there everybody!!

#Stop Press 23-03-15

"Ready, Steady, GO!!!!" What better time of year for an Egg & Spoon race at our Little Shakers classes this morning than Easter....? Don't worry, we didn't put chocolate eggs at the finish line to make them all run a little faster....

Egg & Spoon 01 Egg & Spoon 02

#Stop Press 23-03-15

Happy Easter Little Shakers!

Last chance to collect your final stamp for your Free C.D. at RUISLIP today.... Not only that we have a very excited Betsy, complete with bunny ears, as she's heard Vanessa will be giving out a few Easter treats for all the Little Shakers this morning.

Betsy Easter Bunny

#Stop Press 01-03-15

Happy Birthday Jay

Vanessa & Betsy had lot's of fun helping young Jay celebrate his birthday today especially when the mums & dads were called upon to join in the parachute fun...

Parachte Fun With Jay

Vanessa & Betsy at Jay Party

#Stop Press 24-01-15

Happy Birthday Jack & Neven!!

Vanessa and Betsy had a fantastic time yesterday at Jack & Neven's joint 3rd birthday party... double the fun in one go!!

Jack & Nevan's 3rd birthday

#Stop Press 30-12-14

It's been a fantastic 2014 for Little Shakers, Vanessa and Betsy can't wait to start classes up again in 2015. Throughout the year many of our parents often remarked how much the children love the Little Shakers music and asked how they could get hold of some of our exclusive tracks to play at home. With this in mind, this coming term we shall be running another collectors card scheme. Little Shakers who collect eight stamps before the Easter break will earn an exclusive (age appropriate) Little Shakers C.D.

#Stop Press 18-12-14


Betsy Meets Santa

#Stop Press 16-11-14

After a day out meeting "One Direction" in Central London, Betsy & Vanessa had lots of fun today watching the real Union J & none other than Take That switching on the magnificent Christmas lights in Regent Street. She even popped into her favourite toy shop Hamley's to give her list to Father Christmas. Santa said if she's a very good little girl, he may just drop by & surprise all the Little Shakers at their end of term Christmas parties this year.... now she really is excited!

Betsy One Direction Betsy At Hamleys

#Stop Press 14-11-14

Another a super Email in our inbox yesterday, along with a lovely photo of one of our former Ealing Little Shakers Marisa with Vanessa at her 6th Birthday party. Marisa may have outgrown a Little Shakers party, but on the plus side, instead she was able to get Vanessa to come along and do one of her fantastic "Dance Divas" themed parties for her. To quote Marisa's mum Neha... "All the kids had such fun and looking through the photos they are all so happy and enjoying themselves..."

Marisa's Dance Diva Party

#Stop Press 10-11-14

We just received a lovely heart warming Email from Nicola who brought her little boy along to our RUISLIP class this morning & I quote...

"Hi Vanessa, I just wanted to let you know that both Tiernan and myself enjoyed your class this morning and we will be back next Monday. Thank you so much, the class is really enjoyable and there is a lovely atmosphere. Nicola"

Thank YOU so much for coming Nicola & for such kind words it really made our day!

#Stop Press 09-11-14

Betsy & Vanessa wearing their poppies with pride for the Remembrance Day parade in Ruislip High St. today. Betsy especially loved the R.A.F. band and the fantastic drummers, perhaps it's because she's used to all the drumming and noise that our favourite Beaver, Vanessa's son Joel makes every day on his own drum kit?

Poppy Day 01Poppy Day 02

#Stop Press 31-10-14

Happy halloween Little Shakers

HAPPY HALLOWEEN Little Shakers... have fun & don't eat too many sweets... save some for Betsy when she sees you all next week.

#Stop Press 30-10-14

We're up to over 250 "Likes" on our Little Shakers Facebook page now. It would make Vanessa and Betsy's day if we could hit the magic "300" before classes resume next week at RUISLIP on Monday November 3rd & at EALING on Thursday November 6th.

Little Shakers Facebook Page

#Stop Press 23-10-14


Lovely last classes at Ealing this morning followed by a spooktacular session for Vanessa & Betsy at Whiteheath infants school's annual Halloween party. That's it until after half term now so we shall see all you Little Shakers back at RUISLIP on Monday November 3rd & at EALING on Thursday November 6th.

#Stop Press 19-10-14

Did you spot the Betsy-Bus at Legoland Windsor today? It was one very excited Betsy's first visit there, so especially exciting for her to get to wear her new Halloween fancy dress costume for the annual "Brick Or Treat" festivities & fireworks. She loved how the bright orange pumkin suit matched her red hair a "treat" too.

Betsy-Bus at LegolandBetsy at Legoland

#Stop Press 16-10-14


Lovely classes this morning at Ealing and even more exciting was the fact that Amelie-Rose decided to celebrate her very first birthday with us. Happy Birthday from Vanessa, Betsy and all of the other Little Shakers.

#Stop Press 06-10-14

Well after such a lovely Summer, the rain was bound to come tumbling down eventually... Not that it bothered Betsy one bit, it gave her the perfect excuse to show off her brand new raincoat & matching wellies to all her Little Shakers at Ruislip this morning..... Let's hope she won't have to wear it again on Thursday at Ealing.

Betsy's Raincoat

#Stop Press 14-09-14

Did you spot the Betsy-Bus outside John Sanders in Ruislip this morning? If you see her don't forget to give us a honk or if your pasing by, grab a flyer to book a FREE trial class at any venues. We're in Ruislip EVERY Monday morning at the Stables, Manor Farm.

Betsy Bus John Sanders Ruislip Betsy Bus Ruislip High Street

#Stop Press 11-09-14

Vanessa & Betsy took the bus to class in Ealing this morning.... well the "Betsy-Bus" to be more precise. As you can see it caused quite a stir sat outside Innovation Dance Studios on Pitshanger Lane.... Just where will Betsy's classic '72 VW turn up next?? Keep 'em peeled Little Shakers & when you spot her, be sure to grab your flyer for a FREE no obligation trial class on us!!

Betsy Bus In Ealing Betsy-Bus Free Flyer

#Stop Press 22-07-14

The final class (below) of another summer term..... Always a bitter sweet time of year as we look forward to the well earned holiday break but have to say goodbye to some of our older Little Shakers who are moving onwards and upwards to nursery school in September.... They grow up way too fast.

Last Class Of Term

#Stop Press 07-07-14


Today it's the day to wish another one of our Ruislip "Little Shakers" a very special "HAPPY BIRTHDAY". Vanessa and Betsy had a fantastic time at Lacey's birthday party, especially the lovely slice of delightfully pink birthday cake afterwards.

#Stop Press 25-06-14

Have YOU spotted the "Betsy-Bus" yet? Check out all the latest pictures on our "Gallery" page, see Vanessa & Betsy meeting all the very excited Little Shakers on the streets of Ruislip in a classic 1972 VW camper van.... Cooooooooool!!

Besty Bus 02

#Stop Press 22-06-14

One of Betsy's (& Vanessa's) favourite events of the year, "Party in the Park" at Pitshanger Park, took place this past weekend just round the corner from "Little Shakers" Thursday classes in Ealing. The girls went along to support all the dancers from iNNOVATION Studios performing on the main stage.

Party In the park

#Stop Press 17-06-14


Today is the day that we wish one of our Ruislip "Little Shakers" a very special "HARRY BIRTHDAY". As you can see, both Harry & Betsy are dressed in their football strips to celebrate the World Cup!!

Harry Birthday

#Stop Press 14-06-14

Another lovely surprise in our email inbox yesterday, a lovely thank you note attached from Lyla Mia for doing her party this past week.... No problems, it was a lot of fun for us too!

Lyla Thank You

#Stop Press 11-06-14

So nice to be appreciated.... Just received a lovely review on our "Little Shakers" Facebook page from Aidan's mum regarding his party on Saturday....

Facebook Review

#Stop Press 09-06-14

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY Benjamin, Lyla & Aidan"

Phew.... What a weekend that was, Vanessa & the Little Shakers were lucky enough to have THREE birthday parties to shake & share the fun at...... First up was Aidan's party in Hanwell on Saturday. Then a delightful double with Lyla's party on Sunday morning in Chiswick followed by a lovely afternoon for Benjamin's birthday bash in Pinner....

#Stop Press 30-05-14

As you can see below, Betsy was down by the Duck Pond at Manor Farm in Ruislip today to unveil the brand new "Little Shakers" banner to the World. Betsy was so proud that to celebrate, she was even giving away a whole fistful of fivers..... well her very special vouchers for a free trial class at any one of our venues.

Duck Pond Banner

#Stop Press 23-05-14

Bank of "Little Shakers" issues new £6.00 voucher for a FREE trial class for all new customers. These are valid at all classes, subject to availability, but they are already proving VERY popular, so it's advisable to call or Email Vanessa beforehand to book your place at your preferred venue & time.

Download & print your voucher below....

Free Trial Voucher

#Stop Press 12-05-14

As you can see below from the photo taken this morning of some of our proud members of Ruislip "Team Little Shakers", we are simply loving our new home at the Stables, Manor Farm. The room has such a warm friendly atmosphere, especially when Betsy & the team are in the house....

Ruislip Team Little Shakers



It's PARTY TIME once again and Betsy is practising her cool "licks" on the "Air guitar" for HARVEY's very special Birthday party today.... don't worry though, as you can see there's plenty of guitars for every Little Shaker who's "Ready to Rock" with Vanessa.

Betsy Guitars Happy Birthday Harvey

It's been a very exciting few weeks, especially for the Ruislip "Little Shakers" moving into their brand new home at the Stables on the Manor Farm site.


We've had a lot more new faces trying out "Little Shakers" for the very first time, thanks to a very positive response to our no obligation "Free Trial" offer. New "Little Shakers" can come along and join in the fun with Vanessa & Betsy at any one of our different venues. Our classes are all run on a pay as you go basis, but it's always a good idea to call first and book your "free trial" beforehand as some of our classes can get very full. For all the latest offers do like Betsy below and check out our "Little Shakers" Facebook page.

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