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Sometimes an event or venue requires something more interactive than a disco or a live entertainer. When audiences want to quite litterally become the star of the show themselves, Jaxster's Karaoke is the only answer.

With a song list of thousands of titles and artist from Pre 1950's to the chart stars of today, Jaxster uses only the best Karaoke tracks from manufacturers like Sunfly/Legends, EK, Sound Choice and Zoom etc.

Having held residencies for the past fifteen years at venues owned by Yates, Mitchells and Butler, Gresham Inns, Young's etc. Jaxster has all the equipment required to professionally utilise any venue's in house audio/video system. If a venue has no sound system or T.V. screens, these can easily be provided to suit any size venue. Electro-Voice sound systems bring out the "Best" in any wannabe popstar, providing of course the "Best" was there in the first place. It can be equally as entertaining watching your peers squirm as you give the very worst X-Factor auditionees a run for their money.

In between singers Jaxster projects CGI visuals in sync with upbeat music. In regular gigs, intermingled with images of the regulars up on screen, a live feed camera means singers can be seen in every corner of a venue as they sing, or crucify, their favourite numbers. This very professional set up guarantees loyalty for a venue! Jaxster also takes advantage of linking up YOUTUBE/Facebook fan pages where regulars post their own video's, utilising invaluable publicity provided by today's addictive social networks.


Jaxster CGI Visual FX CGI Visual FX

Jaxster CGI Visual FX

Jaxster CGI Visual FX

Jaxster CGI Visual FX

All technology aside, the main advantage with Jaxster Karaoke is of course the man himself. Jacko is a host with the personality and stage presence to keep any evening flowing.

An excellent singer and entertainer that holds the un-divided attention of an audience during the early "sober" part of an evening.

There is nothing worse than a Karaoke where hours go by before anybody plucks up the "Dutch courage" to sing, it kills an evening stone dead. Unlike Karaoke's run by non singing DJ host's, with Jaxster "Down Time" does not happen.

Unlike a lot of Semi professional and amateur roadshows, as well as all equipment being yearly PAT tested, Jaxster is fully licenced with the PRS/MCCPS Pro Dub scheme and is a member of the Musician's Union, holding full public liability insurance (covered for up to £10million). These are actually all legal requirements to enable any DJ to perform at any public venue or private function held in a public venue such as pubs, clubs or hotels.
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