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As radio listeners, even if you’ve never heard of the name Jaxster, there’s a great chance you’ve heard a Jaxster Jingle.

From topical parodies & jingles to humorous imaging, Jaxster has been producing the “bits that make DJ's sound Grrrrrrrreat mate” for years.
Aired on BBC & Commercial stations all over the World, by presenters you most definitely HAVE heard of, Jaxster is responsible for some of the funniest sound bytes on the airwaves in recent memory.

Inspired by greats like Kenny Everett, like a one man Steve Wright’s Posse, Jaxster is one of few creative’s left still making radio sound fun.

Since the start, supplying high quality yet still affordable topical skits to a handful of local breakfast shows, Jaxster has gone on to produce audible delights for stations like Atlantic FM & Sony Gold winners like Pat Sharp and James Whale.
As you’ll hear from audio samples on the right, Jaxster’s strength was making shows like Gemini FM’s, Edgey in the Morning and The Severn’s Ben Day at Breakfast sound like they were airing on much larger stations, with MUCH larger production budgets*.

Don’t just take Jaxster’s word for it though, as you’ll see from testimonials of wireless professionals reaping the benefits of using Audio Fool’s Tools supplied by Jaxster, the only real fools are those who’ve not yet done so….

*Many ask how stations with little freelance production budget afford Jaxster's creative audio genius? The answer is as brilliant as the sound bytes themselves.

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