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Listeners complain of too many adverts on commercial radio, alas the fact remains, without them there'd be no station.

As running costs rise, stations have to air more adverts. Increased revenue vs. alienating listeners. There is a very lucrative alternative.

Jaxster's sponsored phone in features.

Executed correctly, entertaining radio that generates revenue by giving high profile exposure to local & national companies that sponsor them.

"Jaxster comes up with concepts to promote companies other creatives would never think of in a million years."

As MD of Atlantic FM we were very keen on doing things a little differently.  That's where Jaxster came in.  It's all about audio concepts, new ideas, executed in very innovative ways.  “Cruise or Lose” with Brittany Ferries was one of many such promotions, purely sold on the back of a great concept from Jaxster, using Captain's voices, tannoy & clues.  It made my job as MD very easy, and took the pressure off internal staff.  You just give Jacko the brief and let him work his magic!  Value for money concepts, that work for both station and client & great to work with. I couldn't recommend Jaxster highly enough.  In fact, now as MD of Lantern FM (now Heart North Devon), we're already looking at new promotions”.
Jim Trevelyan - MD Atlantic FM (MD Heart North Devon)

“Jaxster was a real find for our sponsored features. All I did was tell Jacko which client we needed to pitch & he came up with concept & execution. “Kenny the Cabbie”, “Keith the Carpet Fitter” & Legendary “Elf-ish Presley” were great examples ..Thanks Jaxster, you turned potential revenue into cash in the bank.”
 Chris Edgecombe - Prog. Controller Atlantic FM (Presenter Gemini FM)


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