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Best known on the telly-goggle-box as frontman of the "Funhouse", when it comes to presenting on the medium otherwise known as wireless, there's few with the pedigree to match radio legend Pat Sharp.

Moving from Radio 1 to Capital saw Patman win a Sony Gold award for best DJ in 1992. 11 years at Heart followed before returning to the Gcap fold. Always reknowned for his love of a great jingle. For the past several years Patman has aired some of Jaxster's funniest parodies to date on both BBC and Commercial stations throughout the UK.

Pat Sharp BBC Devon Jingles - Pat Sharp BBC London 80's Boys

"Simply put, Jacko is one of a rare breed left in the radio industry. He has all the tools to take any topical news story and instantly turn it into a two minute sound byte
that will have your listeners literally spitting their coffee halfway across the kitchen with laughter, even the ones who don't drink coffee."
"Not only is Jacko one of the sharpest (see what I did there?) creative audio producers, but his talents as a writer, musician, singer and gifted mimic, means basically Jaxster can deliver single handed, parody jingles on a par with those from huge American companies and they have whole teams of writers, producers and session musicians."

Pat Sharp - Greatest Hits Radio & CEO Sharpsell Production & Imaging

Patman brings the fun to your weekends on Greatest Hits Radio every Saturday and Sunday from 10am!

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