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“Jaxster takes topical comedy to another level, Jacko thinks outside the box & if you want YOUR show to stand out, THIS is what YOU need.”
Tim Lichfield - Heart (Virgin, Capital 95.8)

“Since I've been airing Jaxster material I've not a bad word to say about it. I'm continually amazed by the originality, let alone how current it is. I was on a station up against another brand airing Jaxster skits daily, I can honestly say I wouldn’t want that happening again!! I‘ve used Jacko’s clips in the UK Europe & Middle East, every time the audio delivers the desired effect!!”
Darren Shortt - Oasis FM (Palm FM Torbay)

“Jaxster was like a key stone on my brekky show, I don't know what I'd do without him *wipes away tear. Jacko is that funny he made me piss my pants.... I'm serious, I have a bladder problem. Joking aside, his finger's so on the pulse, he's like Dracula or something!”
Andy Cook - 107 the Bee

“Err.. I can't believe something so creative came out of a man so ugly. Seriously though, Jaxster production is very under utilised and in my opinion much better than half the crap which costs a fortune!”
Scott Phillips - Mix FM Middle East (Nile FM, Oasis)

“Working with Jaxster is fun and a real pleasure. Jacko's creative brain could be likened to an exploding firework…” 
Chris “Edgey” Edgecombe - Atlantic FM (Gemini FM)

“I could never spell his name, but “Jaxter” is genius. I came up with basic ideas, “Jakko” made it happen. I used “Jake” for topical stuff. Big station breakfast shows have teams of people producing similar, working with “Jock” meant we achieved the same standards on a tight budget. The end result was very topical and genuinely funny audio to build into my show seamlessly, If only “Jacob” was called Steve or Dave, much easier to spell.”
Ben Day - Touch FM (The Severn)

"Jacko's work is so adaptable, I work at many different UK stations, I know I can take Jaxster’s stuff anywhere & always be guaranteed a laugh"
Mikey Faulkner - Heart (Global)



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“All material Jaxster created for me was exceptional standard & delivered in record time. Jacko's one of the greats in his field.”
Roy England - Power FM (Tenerife)

My shows on MRO are all about Manchester, I had Jaxster produce jingles based on classic Mad-chester anthems, what Jacko came up with…. Awesome, as Mancunian as Boddingtons!”
Dan Shaw - M.R.O (Manchester)

" I was blown away by the power intro Jaxster did for my 80's show. I can't hear the original song now without singing my version! Its stuck in my head and that proves it did its job.
Dave Smith - HFM 102.3

"Jacko is not only good looking, talented and funny, but his Jaxster jingle did things to my ears that no man has ever done before - highly recommended…... great Ebayer- A+++++    
E.J. Bolan - 107 the Bee

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